Evelatus POWER BANK is a portable charger for charging of mobile devices.
When traveling or just actively using the mobile phone daily, we are often faced with the same problem - the phone battery discharges in the most inappropriate time. Consequently Evelatus come up with a new product - Evelatus POWER BANK. Now, wherever you are, you will always have a device capable to charge your phone battery without connection to electrical current. Such devices are convenient and easy to use, does not require a lot of time and significantly facilitates the daily work with the mobile devices. Also, energy return to the phone does not take a long time. Your telephone will be ready for use again within a couple of hours. It is possible to buy Evelatus POWER BANK in every Evelatus store in Latvia.


You only need to connect the Evelatus POWER BANK to electric current for a couple of hours, and it will accumulate energy in itself sufficient to charge 1 to 2 phones on average. Available in 2 colours: White, Black.


Manufacturer: Evelatus
Product type: Power Bank
Input ports: micro USB
Output ports: USB
capacity : 5000mah
Input voltage: DC5.0V/1.5A
Output voltage A: DC5.0V/1A
Output voltage B: DC5.0V/2.1A max
Batteries type: li-polymer
Colors: White, Black.
Lifetime: not less than 500 times the charge
Weight: 220g



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