New Evelatus Tripod Selfie Stick

Evelatus administrātors

Multifunctionality in one product

We present you a completely new product in the Latvian market - a selfie stick 2 in 1, in other words - a tripod! What does it mean? This accessory is not just a selfie stick, with which you can take a photo on a distance, but also a tripod, which you can put on any flat surface and take a photo or shoot a video. This is convenient for travelers who want to capture themselves against the backdrop of beautiful views and sights, for artists who want to shoot themselves and look at their performance from the side, and for everyone who loves to do joint photos with their friends.

Design (Selfie-stick - transformer)

The biggest advantage of this tripod is that it can be used both as a selfie stick and as a tripod for your phone. Tripod keeps on three strong legs that will not let your device fall. If you want to use the tripod as a selfie stick, all you need to do is push the tripod legs. There is a remote control attached to the tripod, which you can detach if you want to photograph from a distance. The device itself is connected via Bluetooth, so no wires are required. The length of the selfie stick itself can reach 65 cm, which allows you to take photos and videos from a distance. The phone mount rotates 360 degrees - you can shoot yourself on the main camera, because more often it is better than the front one. To the side of the mount there is a lever to fix the position of the phone. The device itself is made of lightweight material, so it will not be difficult to hold it in your hand even for a long time.

Solution for active people

Are you a dancer or traveler? Or maybe a young or experienced video blogger? Do you have a lot of friends and you like taking photos? If at least one option describes you, then we advise you to quickly purchase our Evelatus Tripod Selfie Stick. If you are a dancer, this device will help you record rehearsals so that you can look at yourself from the side. You no longer have to ask someone from the team to film you. If you are a traveler, then by installing a tripod, you will have the opportunity to capture beautiful moments from your trip. If you are a video blogger, you can easily carry the Evelatus selfie stick with you, because it is compact and lightweight. Also, often when trying to shoot a joint photo with friends or family, someone just does not fit into the frame. Together with Evelatus Tripod Selfie Stick everyone will fit, and even there will be some space!

The best for our customers

Especially for you, we create products of the best quality so that you can enjoy using them. Evelatus Tripod Selfie Stick is a premium quality product, so you can be sure that you are using a tested and high-quality accessory!