Case for
AirPods Pro

Style and quality – these two words can describe the Case for AirPods Pro. Make the right choice to stand out in the crowd!

With the Rugged Case you don’t have to worry about damages. Because of durable material, the case will keep your AirPod safe from drops and scratches. Your device is fully safe.

comes first

High-level quality

Made with the premium Horween leather, the case looks not only safe but unique as well. The Rugged Case has a light pipe for the LED charging indicator to shine through the case, so you could always follow battery status. The case will look like a new one even after 10 years of usage.

Black Case for AirPods Pro

Charge with comfort

Rugged Case is compatible with wireless chargers. So you don't have to put it off every time you want to charge.

Classic design

The elegant Rugged Case means style and success. Though looking neutral, the case remains its classic and elegant design that surely brings something special and a luxurious vibe to your look.

Compatible with
wireless chargers

Leather of the
premium level


Premium level

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