Curved edges
Surprisingly thin, but especially strong product which will protect your display from scratches and hits.
Evelatus Tempered glass - Elegance and strength
Common situation?
With Evelatus tempered glass, your phone will be protected from accidents.
No more bubbles
Don't waste your time applying low quality glass protectors. The Evelatus tempered glass can be placed quickly and easily without leaving any air bubbles on your screen.
Feel the touch
Protection of your smartphone that keeps the real feeling of the screen, stays 3D touch responsive.
On a reverse side of the glass we applied the antiglare layer, which won't allow the image fault, even in a bright light.
In love with sunshine
Extra strong
The product is created from especially strong Asahi Dragontail glass that can be compared only with sapphire. The glass absorbs hits, protecting the display of the device.
Grease resistant
The oleophobic coating resists fingerprints, smudges and smears.
Crystal clear vision
Technical specifications
9H hardness
HD clear
Rounded edge
Anti blue light
Highly responsive
3D touch
Bubble free
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