2024 January 30

Leather or Silicone Smartphone Case? Let's Compare

Embarking on a comparison journey, let's explore the realms of silicone and leather smartphone cases. Safeguarding your valuable investment, a quality phone case becomes indispensable. Both leather and silicone not only offer stylish aesthetics but also serve as a protective shield. As we delve into the world of smartphone cases, it's crucial to bear in mind the following criteria when making your selection:

Leather Smartphone Cases

Leather phone case (click on image to view in store)
Leather phone cases are considered some of the most convenient, reliable, and safe accessories available. Beyond adding a stylish, premium look, leather possesses special protective properties. The material is able to absorb shock impacts and insulate phones from temperature extremes, whether freezing cold or blistering heat.

For top quality, look for leather cases from reputable brands known for leatherworking excellence. For example, the catalog's own brand Evelatus uses high-grade leathers selectively curated for increased durability and wear resistance no matter how roughly the cases get tossed around. Craftsmanship is also important - these cases are manually assembled to ensure clean construction and solid protection.

Leather cases come in a variety of types to suit different needs:

  • Regular cases fully encase a phone in leather for all-over protection and easy port access.
  • Book or flip cases have front flaps that fold over screens and often utilize magnets or tabs for secure closure.
  • Wallet cases contain interior phone pouches and exterior slots for cards, cash, IDs.
  • Overlays cover just the phone's back and sides.

No matter the type, proper fit is crucial for full protective functionality. Cases should conform precisely to each phone model's dimensions without bending, squeezing or stretching the device. When evaluating potential purchases, cross-check case dimensions against your exact phone measurements.

To guarantee quality leather construction, examine the hide character and stitching details closely. Full grain leather develops a patina over time and feels warmer when handled. Quality stitching requires strong, even threading in uniform spacing around the perimeter. Any peeling, ragged seams, uneven glue marks or dye rubbing off on damp cloths indicates lower grade materials and craftsmanship to avoid.

The right leather case combines reliable protection and aging elegance. Checking key indicators of fit, design, material and construction will help identify durable leather covers able to safeguard your phone in style for years.

Main takeaway: Assessing quality through stitching and hide character is key. A durable leather case not only shields your phone but also ages gracefully.

Silicone Smartphone Cases

Silicone phone case
Silicone phone case (click on image to view in store)
Soft silicone cases are made from a combination of plastic polymers and silicone, creating a soft, flexible material. The softness of silicone allows these cases to be stretched and slipped easily over the phone without having to flex or force the case on, reducing the risk of scratching the phone during application.

Once on the phone, silicone cases provide a smooth, pleasant grip that resists slipping. The silicone material feels comfortable in the hand. Silicone's thermal resistance also makes these cases ideal for protecting phones through a wide range of temperatures from hot summer days to frigid winter weather.

However, silicone does have some potential drawbacks to be aware of. Over time and repeated use, some silicone cases may start to discolor or deteriorate, leading to staining or compromising protection. The material can also attract lint and dust more easily than other case materials. Silicone may lose its original shape over time as well, becoming misshapen or ill-fitting. And while offering decent shock absorption, silicone provides less structure and rigidity than plastic or leather cases.

Silicone cases come in two main styles:
  • Silicone overlays are thin, form-fitting covers that encase just the back and sides of a phone. This provides basic protection while adding minimal bulk.
  • Silicone bumpers are thicker bands that wrap around the edges and corners of a phone while leaving the back exposed. The increased material gives enhanced shock absorption while allowing the original phone design to still show through.

For affordable, grippy protection against everyday bumps and drops, silicone cases can be an excellent choice if replaced periodically before excessive wear. Carefully inspect any silicone case for defects before purchasing.

Main takeaway: Soft silicone cases offer flexible and easily applicable protection with a smooth grip, but may degrade quicker than leather cases. It's better not to opt for silicone cases if you frequently carry your phone in your jeans.


In conclusion, while both materials— leather and silicone—meet the basic requirements of smartphone protection. Leather cases combine reliability, style, and unique protective features, offering timeless elegance. On the other hand, silicone cases provides straightforward practicality with a good grip, but degrade more evidently over time. The choice between leather and silicone ultimately depends on individual preferences.
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