be wireless
Evelatus Wireless Earphones with automatic connection function represent a refined choice for all Your daily needs.
Automatically connect to the phone when the headphone case is opened. Bluetooth version 5.0 (Operating range up to 10 meters)
touch control
Pause, play, answer a call, end a call, next track.
Music play mode up to 6 hours
You can use only one earphone as a headset while the second is charging in a case.
Qualcomm QCC3020 chip makes the sound richer and bass deeper (extra bass).
Less power consumption, quality music playback.
Moisture protection IP65. In contact with water, such as rain or shower drops, the operation of the headset will not be affected.
Bluetooth version - 5.0
Headset battery type - (3.7V, 55mAh) Lithium-ion polymer
Case battery capacity - 2600 mAh
Earphone battery capacity - 55 mAh
Frequency response: 10Hz – 22kHz
Dust & Moisture Proof - IP65
Case charging time - 1,5 hours
When the case is fully charged, it can charge the headset 6 times
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