Thin wireless charger

Thin Wireless Chargers

Android & iOS
Bring the ultimate in wireless charging convenience to your customers with Evelatus' ultra-slim Qi chargers. Available for wholesale orders, these featherweight 7mm chargers enable effortless cordless charging in a supremely stylish package.

Ultra slim. Convenient. Stylish.

With this stylish accessory you can charge your Qi-compatible devices without the need to plug your device in to a wall charger or USB port.
Ultra thin design
A slim line profile provides pleasing complement to your homeor office design. Wireless charger is lightweight and ultra-slim (only 7 mm).
Thin wireless charger connected to a laptop

Easy to use

Connect the charger to your device's charging cable, then place your phone on the pad and charging begins immediately.
Mobile phone being charged with our thin wireless charger

A soft green LED indicates charging status

Wide compatibility

Evelatus wireless charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

Technical specifications

Input: 5V 2.0A 9V 1.8A
Transmission Distance: < 8mm
Charger Efficience: > 73%
Product size: 100mm x 7,5mm
  • Question:
    What makes these wireless chargers "thin"?
    Our wireless chargers have an ultra-slim design, measuring just 7mm thick. This allows for a sleek, low-profile look that seamlessly blends into your home or office decor.
  • Question:
    What devices are compatible with these wireless chargers?
    The Evelatus thin wireless chargers work with any Qi-enabled device, including the latest smartphones, tablets, and other electronics that support wireless charging.
  • Question:
    Where do you ship to?
    Large-quantity purchases of these wireless chargers can be shipped to any destination in the world through our logistics partners.
  • Question:
    What is the estimated time of arrival for the shipment to reach its final destination?
    The anticipated timeframe for the shipment to reach its destination varies based on the location it is being sent to and the transportation method utilized. As an example, orders for slim wireless charging pads shipped via air freight to the United States or Canada generally arrive within 10 days. However, orders sent via ocean freight to those same countries frequently require around one month's transit time.
  • Question:
    What are the requirements and benefits for companies to become exclusive distributors of Evelatus products?
    Evelatus is a new brand. To gain exclusive distributor status, companies must meet specific sales goals and revenue targets for their assigned geographic region. In return for this exclusivity without competition, they receive marketing assistance, trade show listings, potential customer leads from the brand, and the sole right to market and sell any Evelatus product such as thin wireless chargers in their territory.
  • Question:
    How does non-exclusive distribution work with Evelatus?
    For non-exclusive distribution, Evelatus allows 2-3 distributors to jointly service a given territory together. These distributors typically must meet minimum order quantity requirements, which are commonly around 5,000 euros.
  • Question:
    Outside of exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements, can companies purchase Evelatus products at wholesale for resale?
    Yes, Evelatus facilitates standard wholesale purchasing options separate from their distribution partnerships. Any customer can purchase bulk quantities of Evelatus merchandise like wireless chargers and protective tempered glass at discounted pricing directly from Evelatus for the purpose of reselling the products through their own stores and sales channels. These wholesale bulk orders do not involve any formal territorial distribution agreements.