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What to Do When Your Phone Case Doesn't Fit

If a silicone smartphone case has stretched out over time, it will no longer fit snugly against the phone's body. Besides looking sloppy, this means the phone could fall out and get damaged. If your iPhone 11 silicone case is loose, you may wonder how to shrink the size back down. Chances are you bought a cheap case of dubious quality or were unpleasantly surprised when a loose cover came bundled with a phone from a shady seller.

Why Does the Cover Become Loose?

A typical store with low-quality phone cases
A typical store with low-quality phone cases
A loose fit might be due to manufacturing defects or low-quality materials. Untested, cheap accessories from questionable "pop-up" stores often have these issues. This issue can occur with both silicone and leather smartphone cases.

Even though this is frustrating, you may still try to restore the silicone case's size and shape. It's worth a shot since you don't know how the specific material will react to heat treatment. With care, some TPU bumpers can be tightened back up and bent edges corrected.

Keep in mind we're talking about thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases - the main material for modern covers. Other materials may not have the same results. If your leather phone case doesn't fit, you can't do anything.

Internet "Life Hack": Heating and Boiling

Boiling water is often used to fix deformed phone cases
Boiling water is often used to fix deformed phone cases
This kind of stretching and deformation commonly happens when covers are transported or stored carelessly without a protective insert. The cases take on an irregular shape and no longer fit the phone snugly. However, if made precisely to size originally, the fit can potentially be corrected.

To restore the cover, you need two containers larger than the case itself. If you use small containers, you risk deforming it further.

In the first container, boil water and keep it simmering. In the second, use very cold water.

Place the stretched cover in the boiling water for up to 5 minutes, depending on thickness. Once warmed, transfer it to the cold water. If there are any warped edges, straighten by hand before lowering into the cold bath.

This sudden temperature change may shrink it slightly, but significant size differences likely won't improve much.

What Do Manufacturing Experts Say?

Common wisdom suggests boiling the case briefly so it shrinks back down. As both a seller and manufacturer of phone accessories, we can verify this with experts. Technologists say it's absolutely forbidden to boil covers.

At best, boiling might shrink it by a few millimeters before immediately stretching out again. More likely, the material and print will become cloudy and faded from heat damage.

Deformations from heating can also throw off the precision of button holes and ports, making them difficult to use.

So Why Not Just Buy a New Case?

Considering how inexpensive a quality silicone case is, especially in bulk, why risk ruining your old one? New cases are designed by specialists to properly fit your model.

Rather than wasting time on DIY methods, invest that money into a case made with durable materials built to last. Your phone's protection is worth the small price of a case that properly fits.
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